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Buy Viagra 25 mg in Columbus Georgia The new James Bond movie is slated to hit theatres in November, but we can tell you more than ten things about the new 007 instalment just by looking at the pictures By Ex-Press Skeletal Staff Sony Pictures unveiled the latest trailer for Spectre earlier today, but the new installment in the ever-profitable 007 franchise doesn’t seem too mysterious. In fact, who needs to wait for the film to come out wide on November 6th when it’s well known that a picture speaks a thousand words, and we’ve already got eleven early production stills that we’re eager to share.   1. It stars Daniel Craig as James Bond, which means we’re getting more than a handsome package who can rock a Speedo. Craig can pull off real drama and disappear into any role (check out the bizarre thriller The Jacket), which raises the emotional ante on the regular baccarat game of stolen hearts and misappropriated weapons of mass destruction. Just look at the emotion Craig conveys in this artsy ...