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Katherine Monk is a former movie critic with The Vancouver Sun and Postmedia News. She still watches a lot of movies… and writes stuff about them.

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Columbus Georgia @Home entertainment: The Spoils of Babylon on DVD SNL alumnus Matt Piedmont creates a strange homage to the era of early '80s miniseries with The Spoils of Babylon, an elaborate, six-episode spoof starring Will Ferrell as a washed up auteur and Kristen Wiig as an oil heiress with the hots for her bastard brother
Buy Viagra 25 mg in Corona California Movie Review: Chi-Raq Spike Lee fuses Chicago's inner-city violence with ancient Greek comedy and ends up with a windy bag of bawdy jokes that feels stiff in all the wrong ways -30-  
Buy Viagra 25 mg in Daly City California Movie Review: Knight of Cups Drinking in Terrence Malick's imagery of deeply saturated Los Angeles will leave you in a mental stupor, but that seems to be the point of this meditation on movies  
Buy Viagra 25 mg in Denver Colorado Movie review: Midnight Special Jeff Nichols throws Michael Shannon back into the mental wringer as a father trying to save his gifted son from a cult leader, the FBI and comic books
Buy Viagra 25 mg in Durham North Carolina Movie review: Batman v. Superman Zack Snyder had the makings of a psychological thriller about male insecurity in his Batman v. Superman story, but the director of 300 fails to focus on the core drama and leaves a debris field of special effects and underdeveloped characters
Buy Viagra 25 mg in Elizabeth New Jersey From the Bottom of the Pile Movies: Blu-ray review - Millennium Finding a little piece of Canada's film past, and a message from the future, in the wreckage of a 1980s science fiction film starring Kris Kristofferson and Cheryl Ladd  
Buy Viagra 25 mg in Eugene Oregon Movie review: The Bronze Melissa Rauch's send-up of competitive gymnastics includes an acrobatic sex scene and cartoonish characters in tracksuits, but lacks the gritty heart required for a sports movie -- even an insincere one
Buy Viagra 25 mg in Flint Michigan Movie review: Divergent Series - Allegiant Part One Shailene Woodley's Tris discovers the world behind the wall in the Divergent Series, a post-apocalyptic saga that feels like high school on sci-fi steroids
Buy Viagra 25 mg in Fort Wayne Indiana People: Interview - Rossif Sutherland The Sutherland with the curious accent makes a dark turn in River before preparing for a new Catastrophe on French-Canadian television By Katherine Monk As far as Sutherlands go, he’s the tall one. You could see it when he appeared on stage next to his legendary father, Donald, at the recent Canadian Screen Awards. Rossif’s thick brown hair stood just a shade taller than his father’s flattening white pate. Career-wise, however, there’s still a ways to go before he reaches the same stature as the Sutherland who appeared in M*A*S*H and Ordinary People. Or even that of his half-brother Kiefer. Not that he really cares. “I don't care much about what people think about me. If they don’t like me, they don’t like me. You can be the nicest person in the room… it doesn’t matter…. And I’ve never been very strategic with my choices, and maybe my career has suffered for it,” says Vancouver-born Rossif Sutherland from ...
Buy Viagra 25 mg in Frisco Texas News: The Canadian Screen Awards 2016 Room cleans up with nine wins in the film category, including best picture, while Schitt's Creek, Book of Negroes and Orphan Black dominate the TV side of Canada's annual awards show... now called The Candys? By Katherine Monk It was pretty good, eh? They had a big stage. A band. Gold statuettes. A host that wasn't William Shatner. And people in the audience -- some of whom were even recognizable. More importantly, this year's Canadian Screen Awards also included a few titles with proven international appeal, such as the TV show Orphan Black and the film Room, the Oscar-nominated drama that cleaned up with nine wins at Sunday night's gala, including best picture, best director, best actress, best actor, best supporting actress and best adapted screenplay for Emma Donoghue. For an awards broadcast that's struggled with audience ambivalence and stumping films with no box-office visibility, this year's show, hosted by Norm Macdonald and ...