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Birks Diamond Tribute: Women in Film's Best Friend

News: Birks Diamond Tribute to Women in Film It's not about square cut or pear-shaped, the Birks Diamond Tribute honours the unsung contributions of women in Canadian film, where the female sex is still grossly under-represented By Katherine Monk It started with a tribute to two actors in 2012: Emily Hampshire and Sarah Gadon. This year, the Birks Diamond Tribute will honour a full dozen women in Canadian film, including actors, directors and screenwriters.Slated for celebration at this ...


The trailer du jour is from Two Lovers and a Bear. It’s about two lovers. And a bear. The bear talks to the two lovers… with the voice of Gordon Pinsent. And if that’s not a Canadian film, what is? Don’t make us tell you how it ends. Seriously. You won’t argue the Canadian thing. More importantly, it stars Tatiana Maslany, who spellcheck constantly mislays.

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Maudie shows us the pain behind happy art

Movie Review: Maudie Sally Hawkins gives a remarkable performance as the elfin, crippled Nova Scotia artist Maud Lewis, who lived in a tiny shack and sold her paintings at the side of the road