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The Founder's quarter-pounder of thought

Movie review: The Founder The American Dream comes in a convenient package that's ready to eat as John Lee Hancock finds the beef in The McDonald's Empire


The trailer du jour is from Two Lovers and a Bear. It’s about two lovers. And a bear. The bear talks to the two lovers… with the voice of Gordon Pinsent. And if that’s not a Canadian film, what is? Don’t make us tell you how it ends. Seriously. You won’t argue the Canadian thing. More importantly, it stars Tatiana Maslany, who spellcheck constantly mislays.

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Canadian women bound for Palm Springs

Movies: Palm Springs International Film Festival The partnership between Palm Springs and Telefilm continues to push the Canadian film cause in influential U.S. circles, with female directors taking centre stage By The Ex-Press (December 22, 2016) — A delegation of strong Canadian women will be heading to Palm Springs in the new year, showcasing work that touches on everything from Kenyan marathon runners to resource extraction and First Nations issues in ...