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Buy Viagra 50 mg in Akron Ohio, Buy Viagra pills online in Lubbock Texas

We’re the stretchy pants of journalism, news in a leisure suit, a happy place for old hacks and a new iteration of a very old idea: To offer the reader a curated media experience packed with reliable content written to professional standards. Such daily creations used to be known as ‘newspapers,’ which are quickly going the way of the corded phone. The once-joyous place where ink-stained souls tilted at the windmills has turned — through corporatization and concentration — into an understaffed, overstressed word-processing coal mine. But the will to tell stories still lingers, and we members of the ex-press (retirees and those rendered redundant) are confident there are people out there who want to read them. The Ex-Press represents a baby step into a brand new world for us old-school souls, an experiment created by veteran journalists who still feel a hankering to reflect and critique the world around us. We’re still in soft launch mode: we need a chance to work the bugs out without breaking a hip, but thanks for joining us on the journey so far. More to come… And don’t be discouraged. We’re going to be taking some naps before hard launch this fall, just so we’re able to stay awake for the party.


You can read more about us and our progress as we ramp up for the big day in our launch journal. Which we update, on occasion. And sorry if you’ve been reading this since we first went live in April. We thought we’d move it to a new home, so you don’t have to look at it anymore.